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Please sign in with your SecureID card to begin your secure session.

1. Enter your username (e.g. your business e-mail address) and password in the fields provided. Your password is your Remote Access PIN# followed immediately by the number currently displayed on your RSA SecurID token.

Example: If your PIN# is 123456 and the currently displayed number on the RSA SecurID token is 789654 then your password would be 123456789654.

2. Click the enter button.

If you have problems or questions regarding your Remote Access PIN# please contact the CSG Service desk at the following number: 1-800-303-2495.

If you are a Morgan Stanley Money Manager client and cannot gain access, please contact your Morgan Stanley representative.

This private, secure Internet platform connects our institutional and Private Wealth Management Money Managers to Morgan Stanley trading, financial applications and other proprietary information, as well as account reporting.

Use of the Money Manager Portal is subject to the posted Terms of Use. For US Money Managers, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management is a division of Morgan Stanley LLC. Click here to read the Statement of Responsibilities, which explains the respective roles and functions of Morgan Stanley.

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